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National Cheng Kung University
College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Institute of Microelectronics
Computer Science and Information Systems Group
        The goal of the group is to train and develop talents in information and communication, so that students can apply the skills they learned in school after they graduate. Taiwan’s ICT industry and IC design industry’s demands for professionals in core hardware and software systems, along with ICT’s innovation and application development, are our group’s focus in training talents. Our undergraduate courses include: introduction to computers, logic, computer organization, data structure introduction, and operating systems courses. Elective courses include: software systems and design, and computer applications related to mathematics and algorithms.
Communication and Network Group
        Future career paths include cable (fiber optic) and wireless (radio) transmission and reception of high frequency (microwave) circuit and antenna, voice and video compression, image and voice recognition and processing security (confidentiality) communications, communication networks, and bio-medical applications. The department provides the following elective courses in order to guide students in their future employment.

※How to Apply

Please make sure that you are eligible to applyas an international student, then prepare all required documents. Complete the application online at before the deadline.

※Graduation Requirements

  1. At least 24 credits for major field elective courses (excluding thesis credits)
  2. 6 thesis credits
  3. One seminar course (0 credits) per semester
  4. Oral Defense is required
  1. At least 18 credits for major field elective courses (excluding thesis credits)
  2. 12 thesis credits
  3. One seminar course (0 credits) per semester
  4. Qualifier Examination (usually within 2 years)
  5. Oral Defense is required (After passing the Qualifier Examination)
  6. Paper Requirement (Based on each group)

※Credit Requirements

study duration Minimum credits required for graduation Elective Course Credits
Master 1~4 years 24 24
Doctor 3~7 years 18 18

※Contact Info

Contact Person Telephone Ext Email
I-mei Ling 06-2757575 62301